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7 Accessories Every Pot Smoker Needs

Every smoker knows the importance of always having an extra lighter, rolling papers, and a grinder nearby whenever there’s a possibility of a smoke sesh. But, these items are only the start of many that a true smoker needs to own. Take a look at the 7 items below and head to the nearest headshop (online, of course) to grab one of each of these goodies. With these items nearby, any time is a great time for a smoke sesh.

1- Water Bong

If you enjoy smoking marijuana from a joint or a bowl, you’ll love smoking from a water bong. It’s more fun, but the high is much more intense. Water bongs are perfect for groups and get-togethers and for smokers who want more than the average joint offers. Many water bongs for sale are available. Your choice matters, so do take the time to browse the options to find a bong that suffices expectations. Set a budget for the bong, since some cost as little as $20 and some as much as $2000!

2- Air-Tight Containers

Forget Tupperware; it’s the new air-tight container for weed smokers. You’ll need these containers to store weed to keep it fresher for longer periods of time. Any smoker knows that dried out herb is the worst. The containers cost just a few bucks -have a few readily available.

3- Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers provide a new way to get your daily dose of herbal remedy that you are sure to like. And, if you up the ante and decide to use concentrates, you’ll need a vape for sure.

4- Dab Tools

Go ahead and buy the dab tools now. If you’ve yet to dab, your first experience will hook you. It’s best that you are prepared for this out of the world experience from the start.

5- Torch

Another item necessary for dabbing, torches also require butane to operate. There are cheap blow torches and more expensive options that are easier to use and last longer. Whichever option you prefer, make sure to add a torch to your weed accessory list.

water bongs for saleherb vaporizers

6- Marijuana Pipe

Referred to as a bowl by most smokers, this is an accessory that helps save marijuana when smoking solo or if you’re short on the herb. Tons of marijuana pies are out there in some pretty awesome styles and designs, including hand blown options. Set a budget for the bowl and make sure that you have one or two on hand.

7- Pipe Accessories

Just as you’ll need several accessories for the bong and to dab, you also need a few accessories for the pipe. A pipe cleaner is an essential item that helps get out all the ‘resin’ that clogs up the pipe. Screens for the pipes are also necessary to make sure you don’t lose or waste herb by it falling into the hole.

The accessories above are a few of the many that every weed smoker needs to own. Make sure you have these items on hand to prepare for any smoke sesh that may arise. You’ll be glad that you are prepared for that time.